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Re: Stana Katic: Genre babe of the week #42 (Oct. 2009)

Thumbs up on Stana. Believe it or not I only realized a couple days ago that it was her playing the Canadian agent at the end of Quantum of Solace, even though I've seen that film about 5 times now (so sue me, I like it). The fact she's actually Canadian, too, was cool.

First time I ever noticed her was in The Spirit. I thought her accent came off sounding a bit weird in that film ... then again EVERYTHING came off a bit weird in that film ... but I couldn't complain about seeing Stana in a cop uniform!

I should watch Castle one of these days. But frankly I'm so far removed from mainstream network shows at this point in time I never even knew this show existed until I saw the DVD set in the stores.

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