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Re: Star Trek : Angel

Commentary on Chapters 11 & 12

Now that was a First Contact for the history books. Kudos to Vonny for thinking outside the box and for trusting the ship when trust was what was called for at that moment.

Not only to they assist a damaged craft back to ‘life’, but they immediately gain invaluable aid in assisting a Federation planet in crisis. Fishlock shouldn’t get too complacent, though, as I doubt they’re all going to be anywhere near that easy… and this one isn’t over yet.

The insidious onslaught of what I presume to be surviving Borg on the surface is detailed in frightful clarity as victims fall one by one. The Valkyrie returning with partial Borg corpse parts was as unexpected as it was unnerving. Good thinking on Spider’s part in preventing further contamination of the ship.

Oh, and I loved Kate razzing Dan about his formal ‘contact’ language. That was priceless.
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