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Re: Paranormal Activity

I found it very disappointing. I know a few people who had to sleep with the lights on after watching it. I went home, watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and promptly forgot all about the movie before my head even hit the pillow.

The insane amount of hype going into this really amplified the plot problems and pacing issues. The psychic exists only to keep the couple isolated and alone in the house and does a completely unconvincing job of it. They just sorta do what he says because, you know, things are working out so well for them.

We also have huge lengths of time where nothing happens. For a second it looked like the Ouija board might signal a ramping up of activity in other locations in the house but nope. The movie went right back to everything happening in the bedroom punctuated by long periods of nothing happening anywhere else.

When Micah went into the attic I was reminded how much better a film [Rec] was in the same "recovered footage" horror genre.
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