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Re: Duplicate Earth in Miri

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Here's a question -- are there alternate Vulcans? Or Romulus? Or ...?
In one of the Shatnerverse novels, someone lists off the precise duplicates of major planets that have been found. Something like ten Earths, six Vulcans, three Andors, four Quo'nos's, and so on. The information was classified because, really, that sort of thing would be intensely disturbing to find out on all sorts of levels. IIRC, it was theorized they were all controls for large-scale experiments on the development of civilization, so the force that set them up could do apples-to-apples comparisons. I think it was also suggested that the Mirror Universe might've been a similar large-scale sociological experiment.

Incidentally, this reminds me of one of my favorite gags from Five Minute Enterprise, from the Cowboy Planet episode:

Archer: This is just weird. What's the Wild Wild West doing in the Expanse?
T'Pol: One Earth scientist has proposed that independent planets sometimes evolve on parallel courses.
Archer: That Hodgkin quack? No way.
T'Pol: Then perhaps the inhabitants patterned their civilization on a Western novel left here centuries ago.
Archer: (sigh) Go investigate the alien settlement with Trip. If you won't be serious, there's no point in talking.
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