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Re: Expensive tickets

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As my late father in law used to say, "Never ask a man the price of his mistress."
I want to know if you've ever used this one to his daughter when she's noticed your credit card bill...

Do you really think she sees the credit card bill?

It's all paperless and autopaid from my business account.

I'm going to remember it. If I ever get to use it in the right context, it will be glorious.
How about the next time someone comments about your latest bespoke suit? Adjust your tie and issue the line.

My father in law used it in the context of his "toys" - the 30'3" sailboat (technically a yacht), the 69 Mustang, and of course the 34 Ford.

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But you were in the stadium.

I was able to go to the first playoff game in Coors Field in 95. Last row of the bleachers, but with the airfare they probably ran about $300 each.
Yep! The seats were basically worse than the Rockpile.
The what?
The Rockpile - the Center Field bleachers.

As for cold weather: Giants fans will probably have something to say about that as well, at least those who remember the "Stick"...
Has a game in San Francisco ever had snow? Frost? Below freezing temperatures? I didn't think so.
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