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Re: Star Trek : Angel

Commentary on Chapter 3

There were a number of really terrific moments here, notably the character interaction between Winston and Pulaski. I’ve always been a fan of Pulaski’s character, and I wished she’d got more than a single season on TNG for viewers to get to know her. Winston’s words of wisdom (alliterative, aren’t I? ) rang true here as he tries to nudge Pulaski back on course.

The problems with launching the fighters while the ship is maneuvering hard hits the mark and seems to be one of those little nitpicky details that falls through the cracks until someone gets killed. Fortunately, the crew chief was savvy enough to realize the danger before the issue raised its ugly head in the middle of an actual combat scenario.

Interesting mess on the horizon with the Federation taking in Tzenkethi refugees. I can’t wait to see where you take things from here.
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