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Because both of them are aspects of their respective fandoms that reporters try to find to make everyone else look like they're crazy.

Of course. I do actually get the point you were making; it just made me laugh the way you said it.

Personally, I like Disney-character style animated figures and all, and if somebody wants to strap on some whiskers or ears, that doesn't seem wierd at all to me. In any case, I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to judge anyone as wierd for associating themselves with this fanbase, though I don't think that I could personally ever muster an obsession over animal characters.

Also, if people somewhere want to dress up like animals and mate that way, more power to 'em; just let me step out of the room first.

Sorry, she's with me. Don't look at her or you will try the taste of the plak tow.

I should have known... Ever since the Vulcan planet got blown up in STXI, the dating scene has been marred by an awful lack of available women who are capable of logical thought.
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