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It is scary as I'm 27 soon, but most of all my future goal of working like 80+ hours in the week would leave me no time to find somebody. But it is weird as I'm at peace with this. Should I care that I'm pushing 27 with no hope of find a girlfriend or a wife? These things take time and effort and neither which I want to do.
I'm 28 with no hope of finding a girlfriend, either. I'm mostly okay with it. I keep myself very occupied most of the time - two jobs, grad school part-time. I have a small group of good friends and I see people at least a couple of times a week. When I need something to do, I go to the gym or read a book or watch a movie. I typically have no problem keeping my days occupied with one thing or another.

Romantic relationships seem like something healthy that I should pursue, but I have a fair amount of social anxiety about the subject matter. I'm also incredibly picky. I wouldn't just pick up some random girl just because she seemed interested. There has to be attraction, and I dare say that's rare for me to come across.
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