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Re: Admiral Brukk's Lonely Hearts Club

Zyborg Ragescream wrote: View Post
By the way, these guys also had a lonely hearts club... band... thing.
That's awesome And yeah the title of the thread is totally intentional.
backstabbed wrote: View Post
I'm a lonely dude.
I'm convinced that no female has ever been interested in me. This may simply be a result of my absolute inability to read signals, but I still can't help feeling that I'll be single forever.
I think that there's at least a a few girls that have been intrested in me. Thing is those that have been around me have been nuts or severly damaged in some way, seeing as I seem to have an air of "big brother" around me and girls with low self esteem attract to that. My conscience doesn't allow me to push them away, but I could also never enter into a relationship with them since while I'm lonely, I don't need that much additonal head ache. Look, I know all women are supposed to be crazy (not saying that I agree), but I'd like to think I can aim a bit higher.

But also if I do get to know a girl which is relatively well balanced it's one of two options: she's already in a relationship, or she at the speed of light deems me a "friend".

I'd like a break please
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