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Re: Furries

Joshua Howard wrote: View Post
I read the first two pages of this thread, then skipped to this one... and the first thing I have to say is ROFLMAO... and next I will quote a snip of one of J O'Lantern's posts from way back there:

...Because I don't walk around in a fursuit talking about yiffing other fursuiters, a reporter wouldn't come within a mile of me, either. It's all about ratings and what brings them in. Nice, normal folks don't do that.
...I had no idea that this was such a deep topic.

Guy who walks around sniffing other people's crotches? Yep. Girl with Spock ears talking about how she's going to have a Klingon child someday? Yep.
First of all, where do I find the girl with Spock ears? I'd like to meet her. Secondly, how is she in any way comparable to the guy who likes sniffing crotches? Eww.
Because both of them are aspects of their respective fandoms that reporters try to find to make everyone else look like they're crazy.

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