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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Fusion”
Trek Installment # 16
Grade: D
Viewing Date: September 29, 2009

How much more interesting would this episode have been had it been revealed the emotional Vulcans were really just Romulans doing intelligence on Enterprise and messing with T’Pol out of hatred of their Vulcan ancestry? 100 times better, that’s how much.

But alas, we’re given a rather silly episode with some slap-happy Vulcans on a tour of the galaxy. There’s the round one that hangs around Trip, who doesn’t get along with his Dad. There’s the psychotic one who mind-attacks T’Pol. And there’s the one that loves chicken.

The episode just makes a big about showing off these Vulcans. “Look! Here are some Vulcans that are emotional, yet still jerks!” Yadda, yadda, yadda. Where’s the interesting part?

Now, I’ll give them a little credit in that emotional Vulcans are somewhat interesting, but it lost me when the sleazy Jazz music kicked in.

Archer very much gets into T’Pol personal life when he tells her to have an open mind. What business is that of his to say something like that to her? I mean, he’s not even being subtle about it like Picard used to be whenever he’d have Worf deal with other Klingons.

No thanks. I really wish these guys were Romulans.

And just why was this episode called “Fusion?” What fused in it?
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