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Funny thing is I enjoy being alone.. Which scares me. I come back from work say Hi to the family and jump downstairs to play video games or work on my MBA applications. It is scary as I'm 27 soon, but most of all my future goal of working like 80+ hours in the week would leave me no time to find somebody. But it is weird as I'm at peace with this. Should I care that I'm pushing 27 with no hope of find a girlfriend or a wife? These things take time and effort and neither which I want to do.

For me it feels like a state of mind I intentionally push people away. I try not to talk to people at work as it leaves me less time to work and get out early. I load up on these courses "hoping" that it will help me in the future. It is like after a day of putting on a facade I just want to be alone so I can be/feel whatever and not feel like I have to conform to anybody or thing. Somepeople need to talk to people after being in isolation for so long. I on the other hand need to be in isolation after being near people.
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