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Re: Furries

I read the first two pages of this thread, then skipped to this one... and the first thing I have to say is ROFLMAO... and next I will quote a snip of one of J O'Lantern's posts from way back there:

...Because I don't walk around in a fursuit talking about yiffing other fursuiters, a reporter wouldn't come within a mile of me, either. It's all about ratings and what brings them in. Nice, normal folks don't do that.
...I had no idea that this was such a deep topic.

Guy who walks around sniffing other people's crotches? Yep. Girl with Spock ears talking about how she's going to have a Klingon child someday? Yep.
First of all, where do I find the girl with Spock ears? I'd like to meet her. Secondly, how is she in any way comparable to the guy who likes sniffing crotches? Eww.
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