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Re: Admiral Brukk's Lonely Hearts Club

I'm lonely in a different kind of way.

I'm just isolated, sometimes I go for weeks without talking to anyone in real life, other than at work.

I have a couple of friends that I talk to on the phone occasionally and some close internet friends, that is it.

I really miss being able to hang out with people in real life.

Lucky for me, I am fairly good looking and play music so I don't have to suffer in the sex department. Thanks to internet dating I can have sex whenever I want to. But I seem unable to form a real romantic relationship anymore. Afterwards I have no wish to see or talk to any of them again. And it seems rather meaningless.

I don't know how to change and I don't know how to make real life friends anymore.

Actually my life is pretty awesome mostly and I'm usually okay with being alone. But the times that I'm NOT okay with it...very hard to deal with.
Life looks better in black and white.
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