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Yes, I'm lonely as well..been lonely for years. There was this one guy who I thought would be with me forever, but then he moved away suddenly and I have never heard from him since then. When we were together, he was always such a pain in the neck sometimes, acting like a big child when we went out, making a scene sometimes(which was quite embarrasing). Yet, when I was with him, he made me laugh and I loved being around him. Then I moved away suddenly and when I did, he was really upset. Once in 1998 or so, he came to visit me in my new house, and all those feelings came back to haunt me. When he left, I didn't think I'd ever see him again. Then one time he called me and said something like he was moving in with a nurse that he met and for all I know they could be married now with five kids.
Right now I feel as if I'm in a black hole, trying to get out without a tractor beam. I'm also jobless at the moment so it really sucks..and I'll be 30 in two years and I ask myself everyday the same question: "what do I have to show for it?" So yes, I can definitely understand everyone else's lonliness.
And don't ask about friends..I talk to a few online occasionally(which has been brief but good) but the "real ones" have deserted me and left, living out their own lives. One lives in FL with her wonderful husband and another in NY doing god knows what there. I haven't heard from the one in NY since 2003 when she left! And she promised me that she'd send me some pics of her wedding! Well all I can say to her is good riddance!(can't yall see I'm a bit bitter?)
She's a he, bonehead!!!!!
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