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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Okay, it's been two weeks. Sorry for the delay, I'm actually writing this from Orlando Florida (family trip).

Machines behind the Man

VOY finds out that Ransom is helping the AI Revolutionaries and after capturing some of the Equinox crew they find out they've been getting orders from Think Tank, who were the ones the League hired to analyze the ancient ship to begin with.

The AIs also discover the remains of the Borg Expeditionary Force from before and try to reverse-engineer it but accidentally revive some dead drones in the process.

The Neo-Concave find out that all the worlds VOY was accused of inciting to revolt were also visited by Think Tank or had dealings with them.

So VOY track down Ransom to Think Tank and confront the Robotic Scientist there; they find out he's really just a drone, always has been, Korris was controlling him and using him to talk to the Revolutionaries. He built the original rogue AIs and has been manipulating the revolt all along.

His reasoning is that as a scientist he wanted to see what kind of civilization they'd set up. Also, he is in fact over a thousand years old and was the one who introduced the robotic technology to the races of the Deep-Beta Quadrant to begin with. This has been a very-long term experiment for him. He gives mention that he himself was inspired to do so from another source.

This has all been transmitted to the Revolutionaries who choose to stand down (the League and Lokirrim do as well). Due to Korris' deception being revealed all sides are willing to talk now.

The robots who want to stay independent are allowed to do so while the ones who wanted to go home (since they only left due to the revolt turning people on them) are allowed to do so, with more open-minded Politicians willing to work out agreements with them now that the virus has made them more free-minded. Peace is at hand, until…

Borg Redux

Everyone gets the message from the robots that have been taken over by the Borg tech, warning them that the Borg drones are using their tech to rebuild the Transwarp Conduit and summon more Borg from the Delta Quadrant.

Ransom is there, observing the Borg (curiosity, and because he knows VOY and his daughter Annika will come).

In the midst of the battle between the revived Borg and the combined League/Conclave force, which includes the use of the Null-Bomb Launcher on the infected planetoid, VOY and Equinox are sucked into the incomplete Conduit and deposited in the Delta Quadrant.

End of S5.
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