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Well... My life is a lonely one, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am lonely. It all comes down to dollars and cents; with lots of money, there are many things a person can do; with little money, or when desiring to save it, there is little if anything to do.

Right now I'm salaried with the Dept. of Social and Health Services, paid basically to babysit my mentally disabled mother who lives with me. This means that I don't have any workplace social interaction. The side job I had a while ago (working at Macy's) laid me off earlier this year, and nothing has come up since. Since I nolonger work there, money is tighter than it used to be as well, which means that the most logical thing for me to do is to just sit at home. (But then again, how can I complain about not having to go to work in the morning?)

Social contacts can be a big liability, not to mention irritation, so in a certain sense I'm quite happy not to have them; but that isn't to say that I am not looking forward to the day when I have more money and fewer inhibitions. There are times when life isn't bad as in needing to be changed, but isn't exactly what you'd call "good" either. That's me.

I'm convinced that no female has ever been interested in me. This may simply be a result of my absolute inability to read signals, but I still can't help feeling that I'll be single forever.
^ You probably are just suffering from a Nerd-Complex (This is, after all, a Star Trek forum...) and probably have decent odds. I've never really been a hugely outgoing type around women. Actually, in the past there always has seemed to be a reason not to actually take the plunge for me; it either seems unprofessional to try to spark romance (i.e. workplace or stranger) or just plain not the right time for fiscal reasons (face it - serious dating will cost thousands of dollars; it isn't a small investment.) That said, there have been plenty of positive "signals" cast my way... just not the right time. Remember, it isn't ever too late. As a matter of fact, statistics prove that people that get married in their late twenties or early thirties are usually less likely to divorce.

The key to avoiding loneliness is to learn just to cruise along and be cool. Don't take life too seriously. I think that feelings of loneliness usually are born in fear that whatever you are doing is somehow not sufficient.
"The strain of the primitive... remained alive and active. Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof, were his; yet he retained his wildness and wiliness."

- The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
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