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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

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I also like the point raised about how he had other children with a wife who, aside from Dukat's statement of how the Maquis will be eliminated by his son's birthday, we don't hear about. He turns all his focus on his illegitimate daughter who has the unconditional love for him rather than the family who left him.
He talked with Sisko about his children, specifically about his youngest son Mekor and how he had promised to take him to an amusement park or something as it was his 11th birthday, if I remember correctly ("Defiant"). But after his wife left him, we didn't hear much about them, actually apart from the mention of Mekor in his speech in "By Inferno's Light", he never mentions them again, which is indeed strange, but it really makes it seem that Ziyal meant to him more than his other children.
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