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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

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Buffy/Angel I hated Angel from the begining, this relationship was doomed from the start and it was like watching paint dry. I always thought Buffy/Spike had more energy.
I think Buffy had uniformly terrible taste in men. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, & Buffy/Spike were all terrible for different reasons. Buffy/Angel didn't work because while Angel was on Buffy he didn't have any real personality. He was just the hunky vampire for Buffy & Cordelia to drool over. Buffy & Riley just plain didn't have any chemistry (although I think that Riley is an underrated member of the Scooby gang). And while there was a very interesting, explosive chemistry between Buffy & Spike, the whole attempted rape at the end of Season 6 made it all too unseemly. Personally, I'm a Buffy/Xander 'shipper.
Ugh. Let me say immediately that I have only seen the first 3 seasons of Buffy, so I can't say anything about Buffy/Spike (except that, knowing the characters, I bet they had better chemistry than Buffy and Angel) or Buffy/Riley (I don't even know the guy). But nothing, nothing could possibly be worse than Buffy/Xander, and what a relief that this did not happen, because Xander was the most annoying character on that show by far. Besides, I never bought the whole Buffy/Xander/Willow dynamic in the early seasons. A gang of best friends where they are all aware that one of them has an unrequited crush on another who has an unrequited crush on the third member of the gang, and their friendship still works wonderfully? How unrealistic. But then, the portrayal of relationships and teen life on Buffy TVS always was. (And before someone says something like, 'it's a show about vampires' and you want it to be realistic?': fantasy genre is no excuse for the lack of psychological realism.) Which is one of the reasons why I've never been a big fan of Joss Whedon. Frankly, I'm a bit annoyed with all the wisecracking and 'cool' behavior, too.

Back on topic:
The Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle is by far my least favorite romantic plot - it has been dragged on and it has been ruining an otherwise great show for 5 seasons already. And it only got worse when it became a quandrangle with Juliet. The behavior of the characters in the season 5 finale was beyond immature. Fifteen-year olds are more mature than that. It has hurt every character involved, and Kate in particular has been ruined by it as a character, and defined as a whiny, childish, wishy-washy, selfish bimbo who has no idea what she wants.

The Lee/Kara/Sam/Dee quandrangle was also awful, the only good thing about it was that it lasted shorter and only ruined a few episodes. Thank gods that it wasn't dragged through the entire series. (And out of these, Lee/Dee was the worst couple by far.)

Tigh/Caprica 6. What were the writers smoking?!

Boomer/Cavil. Ewww.

Kes/Neelix. No explanation necessary.

Strictly speaking, not TV, but we're on Star Trek forum and it involved TV characters: Scotty and Uhura in ST V. Where did that come from and what the hell was that about?!

Joey and Rachel on Friends. I had already found Friends unbearable for a few seasons by that point, but that was the low point.

Finally... I don't know if it fits the definition of a romance, but they are a married couple, and supposedly are or were in love at some point... I really HATE mismatched comedy couples like Raymond and Debra on "Everybody Loves Raymond".
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