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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

Clark/Lana for the win.

Although having Clark interested in her, and her interested in him, satisfies comic contnuity the way Kreuk GOD was so damn vapid! She spoke like she had just done a shooter of vodka and Valium with a chaser of Xanax. And after about the millionth time she got all hollier-than-thou and judgmental Clark should've super-sped away from her! But he was just so damn obsessed with her! GOD! And why?! She was a bitch, self-centered and, frankly, not all that great looking compared to other girls around him and in his life.

Next goes to House and Cameron, it was just icky.

Oh, and the cherry on top is going to go to Joey and Rachel on Friends. I mean it just reeked of desperation that said, "What next couple can we put together? How about one that makes no fucking sense?!
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