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The reasoning for starting this thread is simple: I'm lonely. And I'm ironically pretty sure that I'm not alone with that around here.

I thought it could be a fun idea to have a thread to come together in our loneliness of sorts. It doesn't have to be lonely in the same way I am, there are different kinds of loneliness. No what kind, here's a place to vent.

My loneliness is mainly of a romantic nature. I have for a while now felt ready for a new relationship, but have put it off since I've wanted to have some kind of job I'm happy with first, seeing as I'd be happier with myself then. Well as it is, I have a job now, but it's one I'm only doing out neccesity to pay the bills, and I'd walk in a heartbeat if I had anything else.

Right now it seems I'll be stuck at it for a while, and since that's the case I just can't be unhappy both in my work life and home life. One of the few good friends I have is head over heels for a guy she met a few months ago, and is now most likely moving away. So partly I'm losing a friend, but partly it kinda hurts me to see her so happy, as pathetic and twisted that sounds. Add to that the onstorming winter and 25th birthday and I just don't know if I can handle another year of no satisfaction in neither work or love life.

There's my loneliness, how about yours?
"I am who I am. Someone has to be."-Brendan Gleeson as Reynald in Kingdom of Heaven. - Emher
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