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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

^ everyone else has already discussed this question with the great articulation that I expect from Cardassian fans.
(basically you all monologue so beautifully)

I'm in agreement with DK on this, Skrain Dukat was an actor par excellence as befits a high ranking official in a Dictatorship so a lot of his emotions and feelings are at a certain level false.
(I think this is true for a lot of Cardassians, with the exception of Rugul Pa'dar of course) still on a very deep level he did care for his daughter sacrificing his position and entire family to be with her. For a Cardassian that would be pretty unimaginable let alone letting her live on a Bajorian space station.

Of course the question is, how far did that love extend? It is very possible that Dukat was using her as a tool to gain sympathy with the Bajorian people (far fetched I know but this is Dukat we're talking about here).

Plus he was going to originally kill her which means the Gul is not natural father material, to say the least....

(interesting topic ND,although I do feel like starting a Damar thread just to balance the huge numbers of Dukatian threads!)
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