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Re: Was the LHC Science being given to Dangerous Terrorists?

How the heck could LHC technology pose a terrorist threat? Terrorism is a tactic used by inferior forces to battle superior forces; when outfighting them is impossible, terrorism is used to dishearten them and persuade their people back home that their occupation, war, whatever is too costly to continue. It's waged using limited resources and small-scale operations performed in secret. The LHC requires great amounts of money, immense pieces of equipment, and the cooperation of thousands of people in order to do anything.

The headline for this thread is needlessly sensationalistic. It says right there in a quote in the first post that there's nothing at CERN that has military applications. So it's pretty hypocritical to title the thread with a fearmongering question like that when you know full well that the answer is "No."
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