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Re: Favourite sci-fi/fantasy composer?

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Right now, Bear McCreary is number one. His work on BSG was so original, creative, emotional, different, powerful, memorable... I have the soundtracks and never grow tired of hearing them. He's made a powerful impact and really showed how great music can impact a TV series.
I just know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I found his work dull, uninspired and lifeless.
I'm in the middle ground. I don't find his work dull or lifeless in the slightest, but it's far, far from being original or different. McCreary just knows who to steal from, and how to steal well, and his choices are distinct enough from the typical space opera bombast that they're altogether welcome.

However, the best tracks I've heard by McCreary so far (working through the series) were tracks I honestly had to look up to make sure he was actually the one who wrote them. Which I guess is also a backhanded compliment on its own.

I know he did it at Moore's insistance, but Moore obviously caught a case of "tin ear" from Berman with his "minimalist" musical philosophy.
There is an enormous difference between the bland nothing Berman espoused and the Glass-like minimalism McCreary has used. For instance, the latter calls attention to itself, which is the antihesis of Berman's 'wallpaper' strategy. I certainly would not consider the use of such music to be a tin ear - if anything, it's refreshingly attuned, if I may extend the analogy to an awful pun - but YMMV.
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