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9 (cont)

September 12th 2371 – 0018 FST

Thriss shook her head, briefly confused as a large group of evacuees twinkled in a transporter effect and disappeared. Of course! She thought.

“Ladies, gentlemen, please listen.” The slightly surprised mass of people quietened at the sound of Thriss’ call. “The Angel has started an emergency evacuation using transporters on the ship. I want you to follow these directions to the letter please...”

The crowd were watching her intently as she paused, and then they too heard the noise. A quiet susurration as of distant surf, more felt than heard.

A low murmur broke out amongst the crowd, people looking around uncertainly. Thriss realised she needed to focus their minds elsewhere and quickly.

“Please, I need your attention!” Her shout was harsher than she would have wished, but under the circumstances she didn’t care.

“When you reach the ship, you need to immediately evacuate the transporter pads and follow the directions of the crew there. Do you understand?”

There were nods around the crowd and a sense of order seemed to restore itself as a second group disappeared. She tapped her commbadge and was answered by Gittings.
“Do you need us to disperse the crowd into groups down here, or are the transporter teams happy to take what they can at a time?”

There was a momentary silence as Gittings attended to something on her panel before she said “Leave them as they are Thriss. Have you briefed them on arrival procedures?” Gittings’ soft Welsh tones were soothing to Thriss’ ears as she nodded to herself.

“All done.”

“Good luck then, Angel out.”

Thriss knew that luck was something they would all need tonight.

September 12th 2371 – 0018 FST

Misaki shook her head which only seemed to make the cockpit blur and spin more rapidly. She tried to move and winced as pain shot through her side. Broken ribs she diagnosed seeing that there was no external wound. Every other part of her body ached, but nothing seemed to be permanently damaged. She didn’t dare apply an analgesic until she’d attended to the rest of the crew.

Looking around she could see the spread eagled form of Mara Hannick lying against the aft bulkhead.

“Mara?” With no response, she tried again. “Mara!”

Her friend stirred slightly but didn’t respond. Misaki sighed in relief; it was good enough for now. Managing to drag herself to her feet she checked Hannick over noting the gash across her forehead but the tricorder reported no internal injuries. Misaki administered a stimulant and waited until she groggily opened her eyes.

“Mara, just stay here. We are safe for now, but I need to check on Buster and Abbi ok?” Hannick nodded and immediately regretted it, but waved her hand to signal that Misaki should go.

The scene in the rear compartment was much worse.

Lieutenant Abbi Gethyn was crumpled in a far corner, her leg at an unnatural angle. As she turned to search for the big, good natured medic Buster Hammond her eyes went wide and her hand flew to her mouth.

One of the structural beams that supported the attachment of the rear module had snapped and passed clean through the centre of his chest pinning him to the wall. Bile rose in her throat, not at the sight of his terrible injuries but more at the vision of his perfectly composed expression. It was one of almost gentle surprise. The wound had obviously been immediately fatal.

She leaned against the wall until eventually the dry heaves subsided then made her way to Gethyn in the corner. She was careful to avoid glancing in Buster’s direction as she ran a scan on Gethyn; fractured fibula, knee shattered and an open wound. This was something Misaki was trained to deal with and she efficiently set about treating the injuries. Analgesic, sedative, bone regeneration, auto suture for the wound; the work was enough to distract her from the grizzly sight in the corner.

She eventually applied a stasis support to the knee, something that her equipment was ill equipped to deal with, and then made her way back to the cockpit keeping her eyes carefully averted.

By the time she returned, Hannick was more alert and sitting in the co-pilot’s seat. Seeing the look on Misaki’s pale face, was enough to tell her that something awful had happened.

“I am so sorry Mara. We lost Buster.”

Hannick closed her eyes in quiet pain. Buster was a bear of a man but the gentlest soul she’d ever known and somebody she had grown increasingly close to over the past few weeks. When she looked back at Misaki, her eyes were moist but her look was determined.

She stood somewhat uncertainly and said, “I’ll move Abbi forward while you contact the ship.”

Misaki wanted to warn her about what she would see, but the look on Mara’s face said that no matter what she had to see it for herself, and Misaki simply nodded.

As Mara disappeared aft, Misaki tapped her commbadge.
“Koch to Angel.”

September 12th 2371 – 0026 FST

Gittings was content now that all transporters were functioning to capacity and the evacuees were being moved rapidly from planet to ship to safety.

Having temporarily taken over comms duties while DeSalle worked the tractors, her panel beeped and she saw that it was the Koch calling.

“Go ahead Koch.”

As Gittings listened to Misaki relate the crash and death of Hammond, she was already tasking one of the minor transporter teams to recover them.

“Hang tight Misaki, I’ve got a transport team ready to take you out shortly.”

“Acknowledged Angel, thank you. Koch out.”

It was yet another sign that they weren’t having everything their own way, and she knew it was still to get worse.

September 12th 2371 – 0028 FST

As the numbers of evacuees had diminished at the evacuation station, the bizarre sound of the sea had continued to become louder. The forefront of the approaching tsunami had drawn the sea back away from the beach revealing the red and black coral reefs in all their beauty, but there was nobody to see it. The few people still left in Coral City were already on the verge of being evacuated and had little time to notice the beauty of their city revealed.

Thriss was the first to see the luminescent wall of water. It rose some 40 metres high dwarfing the single storey sea front buildings and the noise was that of an approaching avalanche travelling at close to 400 kilometres per hour.
The last group of evacuees from her evacuation station sparkled out of existence and Thriss shouted through into the cockpit over the massed heads of those in the aft compartment.

“Ariana, we’re clear! Go!”

As the rear ramp lifted, Thriss watched in awe as the wave approached the shallows. It slowed perceptibly and grew even higher as the following waves mounted up behind and bullied it forward. Her last sight as the Barnard staggered into the air was of the wave striking one of the crystalline like pinnacles that had been built out over the coral reef, shattering it like so much plastic. Then the ramp sealed and Thriss closed her eyes.

September 12th 2371 – 0028 FST

The wave had now reached the zenith of its energy and was at its most destructive as it piled ashore. In its sixteen minute journey inland, it had been barely visible on the surface, but as it reached shallower water so it climbed in height. In its midst it carried detritus and wreckage from the Borg cube that had given the tsunami birth, flotsam that was about to become lethal in its destructive carriage.

Not all the rescue ships were lucky. Two were caught on the ground, unable to lift with the crush of refugees they were carrying. Another three were too late in lifting, their overburdened engines unable to cope with the demands being made on them, and they were ripped from the sky to be smashed against inland high rise edifices.

Its power still unabated, the wave crashed through the pristine canyons of the almost deserted city sweeping people, vehicles, houses and office blocks away in its wake. The destructive wreckage it swept forward with it became the grinding teeth of an insatiable monster and the screech of torn metal and shattered concrete became the city’s death cry.

September 12th 2371 – 0029 FST

Misaki and Mara watched in horror as the wave finally broke reducing once proud spires to stunted wreckage and hurling debris and spray high into the air. The ground beneath their feet was trembling before the oncoming onslaught and buildings along the periphery of the park they had crash landed in began to sag and topple, their foundations unable to withstand the tremors.

Misaki found herself about to tap her commbadge, and then dropped her hand in defeat. By the time the ship answered, it would be too late. She looked at Mara, took her hand and squeezed it just as the chime and sparkle of the transporter took them.
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