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Re: Was the LHC Science being given to Dangerous Terrorists?

Nothing to see here folks. Just a terrorist playing with anti matter and sub atomic particles. Move along.

Edit: On an only marginally more serious note, it has always been a little pet peeve of mine that this idea about aliens is called a paradox. Let's see here, on the one side we have the claim that aliens exist. On the other side it is pointed out that we have yet to find them. How are these two ideas contradictory? I could claim that there is probably some life in the ocean we have yet to discover. If you claim that he have yet to find them, that does not mean we have hit a contradiction of sorts. It only means that I am either wrong about my first assertion, or that we simply have not found said life yet. The resolution is simple. A paradox should not have such an easy and apparent resolution if it has one at all.
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