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Re: Favourite sci-fi/fantasy composer?

John Williams
Jerry Goldsmith

Not very original choices, I'll grant, but I can listen to a Williams or Goldsmith score on CD from beginning to end without losing interest. Very few other film composers stack up.

Barry Gray
Ron Grainer
Murray Gold
Angelo Bandalamenti

Barry Gray's scores for Gerry Anderson were always fun, memorable, and hummable. Ron Grainer wrote the two all-time best TV themes for Doctor Who and The Prisoner; if he never wrote anything else, that would have been enough. Murray Gold not only composed the two best-ever updates to the Grainer Doctor Who theme, he also has composed music for the series that IMO is on par with the best of Williams and Goldsmith. And Bandalamenti is here because of his terrifying score for Twin Peaks which is still capable of inducing nightmares.

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