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That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. I think some of the people working with JJA stole you and you friends stuff. I think it's big of your to be cool with that.
Well, I think it's a coincidence. For one thing, although we didn't see the Jellyfish until May of this year it was designed sometime back in 2008. Vektor did his first design work on Polaris toward the end of 2008 - so neither we nor the Star Trek people really had a chance to copy one another.

I've seen this same kind of parallelism all my life in terms of writing - what looks like imitation or, sometimes, inspiration really very rarely turns out to be so. Publishing and/or production lead-times often obviate the possibility (or, at least, likelihood) of influence. The simpler explanation is usually that two writers or artists who are aiming at similar targets will define similar "envelopes" and come up with similar solutions - John August had a good (if somewhat brutal) take on one example of that particular phenomenon here.

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