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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

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I think Buffy had uniformly terrible taste in men. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, & Buffy/Spike were all terrible for different reasons. Buffy/Angel didn't work because while Angel was on Buffy he didn't have any real personality. He was just the hunky vampire for Buffy & Cordelia to drool over.
Okay, I have to disagree with this because I always liked Buffy and Angel together, and I would have liked to have seen them revisited when Buffy became more of an adult and trusted her own judgment.

Buffy & Riley just plain didn't have any chemistry (although I think that Riley is an underrated member of the Scooby gang).
I personally liked seeing her with a normal guy. Except he wasn't normal, because he was weirder then Angel or Spike.
I really hated Buffy & Riley. There was only one other Buffy pairing I hated more...

Wonder Woman should not fuck The Joker. If a bunch of bored, middle aged women(and Joss Whedon) want a bad boy sex fantasy, then I suggest making your husbands dress up like a biker and quit taking it out on a perfectly good show. That's what I said then. That's what I say now.
Damn skippy. I REALLY HATED Buffy and Spike. That was the deal breaker for me and I actually dumped the show.

Willow and Tara. That always felt gimmicky to me.

Darla and Angel. (Where's a vomit smilie when you need one?)
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