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It looks a little like the "Jellyfish" coming head-on, and less so IMAO from other angles.

Not speaking for the artist, I'm comfortable with whatever resemblances people see between one design and another - after forty-odd years, the Enterprise still looks to me like a flying saucer with a couple of rockets attached to it.

OTOH, if I read Barb right she's suggesting that Trek borrowed from Jason rather than the reverse. I'm cool with that, too.
That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. I think some of the people working with JJA stole you and you friends stuff. I think it's big of your to be cool with that. Too bad Paramount won't let the Trek Fan Film community have commercials on their web-based shows or sell the DVDs legally (I'm told by a friend he's seen copies in what are usually legitimate DVD stores next to legal Trek). They could demand a cut, and everyone would be ahead.
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