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Re: Audio Drop Outs On Original Blu-ray Episodes-Seamless Branching Is

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First I've heard about the problem w/ PS3s, but it's been discussed here several times before w/ other brands. Notably, the problem happens w/ Samsung players as well. I have two older dual players, Samsung and LG (both apparently use the same chip), and they both exhibit the problem. Unfortunately, there won't likely be any FW upgrades to these babies.

Actually, after watching some more episodes, I'd describe my players' problem as jumping ahead slightly at the branching points. It's as if a frame or two were skipped, and a bit of the audio/video is missing. It's just more noticeable w/ the audio, because it's often at a point where we hear a fanfare. The video is not as noticeable because the branch is usually between two scenes.

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