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Re: Expensive tickets

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We paid $385 (tickets and booking fees) for 2 tickets to the Twins/Yankees game tonight. Not the most I've paid, but for tickets that had a $30 face value, it was a lot.
While I was watching that, I wondered if you were there. To bad the Metrodome had to go out on such a sour note.

Question though - Will the Vikings be playing there next year or are they getting a new field too?
Yeah, I was there. Had I waited, I could have gotten those tickets for less than half of what I paid, but I wanted to make sure I had tickets. Glad I got to see the final game at the Dome, but I'm looking forward to the new stadium. I'll probably overpay for tickets there, too.

The Vikes have a contract to play in the Metrodome until 2011. After that, they'll probalby have to negotiate a new lease. They're trying to get a new stadium, but so far they've gotten nowhere.
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