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Re: Expensive tickets

My wife got two free courtside tickets for a Thunder game tonight from work. I think they're playing phoenix. It was something like a $400 value. I can't go, so she'll be taking her sister. Neither of us like sports, but her boss called her over the weekend and told her the vice president of Cox was pleased with her performance and had awarded her the tickets, so you can't pass that up!
Anyway, I don't know that I've spent over a hundred bucks for any kind of concert. I think I spent 80 bucks a pop on some Ozzfest tickets in 2004, but I don't consider that really expensive, because I got to see Black Sabbath, Slayer, Judas Priest and tons more for that price, so that was a good deal. I think I paid 60 bucks for Motley Crue tickets.
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