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Re: Starship Polaris - Non-Trek

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I like how you've taken the original concept and "turned it on its ear", literally. I have to admit, I sort of liked the "fins" on the previous rendition, but this looks very good and very "utilitarian", which I think is a positive.
Turning the saucer on-edge rather than horizontal was an inspired choice, if I do say so. There had been some early requests to introduce some "nautical elements" to the design, hence the "sails" shown in previous versions, but the vertical orientation was part of that, too. Eventually I got to wondering if that was enough without the addition of the sails and I think it is, but Dennis and Company may decide differently.

By "fins," are you referring to the sails or to the bulkier engine assemblies in the last batch of sketches?

Would it be out of place of me to also mention that it looks quite a lot like a Yellow Tang to me?

Especially in the second picture. Any chance that had anything to do with your inspiration ..., or was it just happenstance? Or am I just seeing things?
No inspiration from the Yellow Tang, I'm afraid, though I do see the resemblance. I'd have to say it was inspired more by 1950's automotive design, which will become even more evident in future sketches.
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