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Starship Polaris - Non-Trek

A long time ago, in a thread far, far away... and apparently long since pruned, Dennis Bailey once posted some renderings of a ship he was working on for an independent film production called Starship Polaris. The original design was conceived by TrekBBS's own Aridas Sofia with whom Dennis had been collaborating from the earliest stages of the project. Late last year, they asked me to help refine it and I started working on a series of design sketches. This is the latest version:

The film project is well under way with studio space having been secured and sets under construction. They are due to begin principle photography in about two months. All the details about the production, including background info, casting news and set photos can be found on the Starship Polaris Official Site. There is also a Polaris thread in the Fan Productions forum here on TrekBBS.

My own work on the project is ongoing. I'll be posting more sketches here in the next couple of days but in the mean time, everything I've done so far can be seen on my own Website at

As always, comments and criticisms are appreciated.
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