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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

MIKE, I KNOW! I'm hearing from Lost sources that every single shot of the first few episodes are so revealing that the producers have convinced ABC to NOT SHOW A SINGLE FRAME before the new season airs. No promo scenes, no photos, no nada! So you will be completely in the dark, but it is for good reason: The twists they're planning are so good, you will WANT to be surprised. Trust me. Your mind gonna go kaplewey.

Adam, I'm here to please. (or TRY anyway. As I mentioned, I'm a bit rusty but I know you'll all grease me right up...OK, that sounded dirty.) I'm hearing that Dom Monaghan will be back, Cynthia Watros will be back, Iam Somerhalder, Michelle Rodriguez...the list goes on and on. Lots of dead people walking. It's the zombie season, ********* (JOKE) From what I understand you will see most if not all of the deceased Flight 815-ers and some will be back for an EXTENDED period of time. They've already been shooting.

NoMoreMrsNiceGuy: Okay, this may or may not be Sawyer news, but I hear that Ms Kate Austen WILL lock lips with someone in the new season! Place your bets now.

170/halle, Yes. I'm sure you already figured that out but my sources confirm that on Lost, we will see what would have happened if the plane never crashed and landed safely in LA.

Source: E!Online
Hooray for Zombie Season!!! Except for Nikki and Paulo of course...

'The Subsitute' snippets

- Sun insists they bury someone properly
- Frank makes a comment about the "weirdest funeral ever"
- Ben makes a touching speech
- Sawyer is drunk when he reunites with a familar face
- Someone reveals that they know a lot more about the island than Ben.
- We find out that Jacob has a child. Have a guess who you think it is.
- An old friend crosses paths with someone unexpected off island

Source: DarkUFO
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