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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

David Mack wrote: View Post
Diego Reyes: Esai Morales
Um, no.
Yeah, Morales is probably not old/graying/hairline-receding enough to fit the book's Reyes... but I like him.

David Mack wrote: View Post

Hell, no. Complete mismatch with the character description. A cinnamon-haired caucasian woman with a Scandinavian name, and you want to cast a woman from India? Seriously?
Oops... that was supposed to be Rana Desai. Though, I pictured Desai as an older Sharma with a shorter haircut. I'd imagine that Rekha Sharma is not what you had in mind while writing Desai... but I find the image of her in a starfleet uniform pleasing enough not to care.

Deepika Padukone would also do quite well.

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