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Re: NBC cancels Southland

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However, no one will dispute that FOX is a major network now. So why don't they expand their lineup to include 10pm programming? (Certainly I would prefer an extra 5 hours of FOX programming over the endless news broadcasts that are currently on here on FOX10.)
A lot of affiliates would bolt; the 10 o'clock newscast is too entrenched, and there's a lot of jockeying for ratings glory with the local newscasts.

That's the troubling aspect of the Jay Leno experiment; NBC is willing to take low ratings for the show (because it's cheap), but the local channels are bleeding ratings on their local newscasts because of the weak lead-in. The question isn't how long NBC keeps Jay Leno at 10, the question is how long until the affiliates make some sort of public backlash at NBC.

That has already happened. The NBC station in Boston threatened not to show Jay Leno and do a 10 pm new because they thought more people would watch. NBC said if they did that they would strip the network of their NBC name and form their own network to show NBC shows. I guess the Boston channel back-downed.
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