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Re: Simpson poses nude for Playboy

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If this is real, and any guy here buys it and wanks off to it ... you shouldn't be allowed to have a penis.
This is why everyone should be gay.

If everyone were gay, the world would be like a rainbow-colored Children of Men.
What's so bad about that? This planet would be far better off without humanity--we are a blight, more devastating to the world around our mutant monkey asses than was the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. That's not opinion, it's been documented.

Of course, I just had the time of my life orally exploring the nether parts of a very beautiful and very female exotic dancer so I'd just as soon limit the species to non-procreative sex of any kind. But I thought CoM was the feel-good movie of the year till that damned baby showed up.
Once every lifetime, we're swallowed by the whale.
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