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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

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It felt like the writers were trying to force something because the actor for 10 was younger. The character is still 1,000 years old and has tons of baggage. I just didn't buy it.
Exactly. The 12:01am January 1st / 11:58pm Dec 31st aspect was ridiculous enough without the colossal amount of baggage the Doctor's lugging around as well. Yet there he was, drooling over Rose like...well, an infatuated teenager. The entire thing was completely absurd.
What they did with 10 and Martha, with him not noticing, is what they should have done in season two.
Martha's character was (IMO, anyway) doomed from the start by having her pining over the Doctor like an adolescent. Her whining about the fact he was so hung up on Rose made me want to throttle her. I have no objection whatsoever to romance on Who but IMO it was handled very badly. An equal for the Doctor, I can believe. An adolescent and an adolescent-like person...not so much, and that's what we got.
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