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Re: Replacing Smallville...

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I've always thought adapting the Manhunter DC Comics character from the 1970s, written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by a then little-known Walt Simonson would be cool. He was one of the first Silver Age characters that killed, predating Wolverine by a few years.
Nothing cool about that.

But it could be fun if it's set during World War II, like the first series of Wonder Woman TV-movies back in the '70s.
Actually that was the entire first season of the weekly hourlong series. The only movie was the pilot, unless you count the dreadful Cathy Lee Crosby pilot movie in 1974 (which wasn't a WWII period piece).
To your first point: Realistically, I'm sure that some heroes would kill if they existed in the real world. And if you're familiar with the Manhunter series I spoke of, you'd see why it was a necessary evil for his character -- as well as odd, since many of the people he killed were his clones.

As for Wonder Woman, you're right about the first season set in WWII. I do remember that first awful Wonder Woman flick with Cathy Lee Crosby -- Ricardo Montalban was the villain, too. I dug the WWII milieu for Wonder Woman, and thought they were a bit stronger than the modern-day eps.

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