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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

I think Buffy had uniformly terrible taste in men. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, & Buffy/Spike were all terrible for different reasons. Buffy/Angel didn't work because while Angel was on Buffy he didn't have any real personality. He was just the hunky vampire for Buffy & Cordelia to drool over.
He was Tuxedo Mask. And that's all he was. When he got his own show he became Magic Batman.

Buffy & Riley just plain didn't have any chemistry (although I think that Riley is an underrated member of the Scooby gang).
I personally liked seeing her with a normal guy. Except he wasn't normal, because he was weirder then Angel or Spike.

And while there was a very interesting, explosive chemistry between Buffy & Spike, the whole attempted rape at the end of Season 6 made it all too unseemly. Personally, I'm a Buffy/Xander 'shipper.
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Another vote for Battlestar Galatica's "quadrangle of doom"-- Sam Anders/Starbuck/Apollo/Dee. Starbuck was a contemptible, selfish bitch who did nothing but jerk around all the men in her life.
Seriously. Me and some friends used to get drunk and watch the show and the only way we could stand her is if we imagined her as a drunken hillbilly. Try it sometime. It's a blast.

Apollo was an empty headed doormat. I don't see how any women were attracted to him. And I don't think any of us ever forgave Dee for ditching Billy.
He started out Captain America. Then he became Captain Douchebag. When the Voice of Morality no longer has any sense of morality, then the character becomes pointless and meaningless.

I don't necessarily have a problem with making Willow a lesbian. However, I wish the show had given us an in-show way to reconcile that with Willow's obvious feelings for Xander & Oz in the earlier seasons.
One sentence. Once simple sentence could have saved him a world of grief. "I'm bi-sexual." But he HAD to have a gay character and he didn't care how or why. Xander would have been the better choice. It's not like he ever did anything interesting after season 3 anyway.

I agree it's stunning how boring the Willow/Tara romance was.
Because it didn't make any sense and was insulting to the audiences intelligence. Not the last time Whedon would do that.

I did find myself intrigued by some of the Willow/Fred possibilities in "Orpheus."
Yeah, and watch as the Wes/Fred fans stone you to death.

And I often felt that a Dawn/Tara romance would be very interesting.
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Chakotay/Seven - Came from absolutely nowhere right at the end of the series, it was more of a distraction than anything else in the finale with them trying to put some sort of relevance on a relationship that the audience was not invested in at all.
It's because there was no relationship prior to the episode. There was no frame of reference for the audience. It was just BOOM there it is. And it was thrown in because they had no idea of how either character should end. And well, because would you really prefer her and Harry ending up together?
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