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Re: NBC cancels Southland

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I think NBC is already where ideas go to die because the other networks rejected the ideas. it would explain why EVERY show on NBC is trash.
And yet some other networks have been having success with NBC's castoffs, like Medium on CBS & Scrubs on ABC.

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... In the meantime, FOX, the CW, UPN, & the WB never had any 10pm programming to begin with, yet no one is talking about that.
Out of your four examples, two don't exist anymore (UPN & the WB merged to form the CW, remember?).

Leavin' just FOX and the CW...FOX started out as a light network, that, back when it first hit, I couldn't even get 'cause I lived too far from D/FW!
I know that UPN & the WB merged into the CW. I'm just mentioning them because they are still part of modern TV history.

As for FOX, I realize that it started out as a minor league network akin to the CW, UPN, & the WB. However, no one will dispute that FOX is a major network now. So why don't they expand their lineup to include 10pm programming? (Certainly I would prefer an extra 5 hours of FOX programming over the endless news broadcasts that are currently on here on FOX10.)
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