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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I wonder what light punishment Ukraine will get for attempting to burn down England's penalty box with all those flares after all if we did it then we would probably been chucked out of the World Cup.

Denmark secure there place in the World Cup so Sweden are all but out and Portugal are set make the playoffs. Also today France also secure a playoff spot along with Ireland...

Argentina are the luckiest cunts ever they were drawing 1-1 in the 93rd minute Martin Palermo scored the winner though right after the restart Peru hit the crossbar with last kick of the ball. So 3 teams fight for the last 2 places (1 auto and 1 playoff) Argentina 25, Uruguay 24, Ecuador 23 and on the last day...

Ecuador play Chile who have nothing to play for and if they win then the loser of Argentina vs. Uruguay go out. Dam a draw would of meant Argentina would of been virtually out due to there crap goal difference.
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