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Re: Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

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is far more damning of the guy's mentality.
The people running the Dollhouse may be the protagonists, but don't be fooled into thinking they're supposed to be the good guys.
I know that - I'm thinking more of the rather icky look into Whedon's psyche that that show gives us. He likes to create abused heroines and then make us feel sorry for them. Not sure what exactly he's working out with that kind of crap, but I do know that I don't want to observe it. He should keep it between himself and his shrink.

It's a good basic idea, though. The lead character should have been some big, beefy guy who volunteers for the Dollhouse because he's a vicious psychotic killer and the Dollhouse beats lethal injection. That way we aren't subject to Whedon's female-victim fetishizing because nobody's going to get weepy about a psychotic killer who looks more like Vin Diesel than Eliza Dushku.

Deep Space Nine: Mentally unstable sci-fi writer inserts a messianic Mary Sue into Star Trek.
Oh no, that wasn't REEAAAL!

Deep Space Nine: The Federation antagonizes aliens, commits genocide, and calls the war a draw.

Heroes: An ongoing experiment to see how much character assassination, plot illogic and general incoherence you can shoehorn into one TV series.

Lost: An ongoing experiment to see how long an audience will follow a plotline that makes absolutely no sense.
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