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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

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Rose/Doctor 10, Doctor Who
I can see why she's attracted, but him? She's an immature teenager.
Agreed. Rose was an actual (albeit sometimes annoying) person in the first season of new Who, and then spent the second season dribbling over the Doctor like a clichéd infatuated teenager. That was bad enough, but having the Doctor behave like a clichéd infatuated teenager as well - and over the immature and dull person that was S2 Rose - was grotesque.
I liked the interaction between Rose and Doctor 9 better. It felt like the writers were trying to force something because the actor for 10 was younger. The character is still 1,000 years old and has tons of baggage. I just didn't buy it. What they did with 10 and Martha, with him not noticing, is what they should have done in season two.
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