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Re: Favourite sci-fi/fantasy composer?

In no order:

John Williams
"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
First three "Star Wars" films

Jerry Goldsmith
"Capricorn One"
"Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend"
The first four Trek films he scored

Christophe Beck
"Buffy the Vampie Slayer" (TV series, for which he won an Emmy for his work)

Velton Ray Bunch
"Qauntum Leap"

James Horner
"Star Trek 2"
"Star Trek 3"
"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

And of course other Trek series work, and Trek films (excluding Nemesis onward, and Brian Tyler's "Enterprise" efforts)

Elmer Bernstein

Danny Elfman
"Edward Scissorhands"

Trevor Jones
"Dark City"

David Newman
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"
"Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey"

Basil Poledouris
"Conan the Barbarian"

Graeme Revell
"Pitch Black"
"The Chronicles of Riddick"

Mark Snow
"The X-Files"

James L. Venable
"Samurai Jack"

The work on "Batman: The Animated Series", which I loved so much, I created this site:

Probably others I have forgotten. How broad a range is "fantasy"?
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