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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper, Torchwood
Yeah, that was terrible. It almost made me stop watching the show right there. If someone had not told me to just skip ahead to the second season, which was a huge improvement, I would have given up on the show. Which is sad, because I'm a big John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness fan and I think the character deserves a better vehicle honestly.

Anyway here's mine:

Spike and Buffy. Because evil, soulless, baby killing, mass murdering, misogynistic, rapists have feelings too. Anyone who's been witness to my legendary rants in Sci Fi/Fantasy know my opinion on the matter.

Except for Adama/Roslin(which was tolerable but preposterous) and Billy/Dee(which was really cute, but ultimately pointless. Kind of like the show in general) most relationships on NuBSG were horrible. But the two worst offenders were Starbuck and Baltar. Starbuck becomes a much more tolerable character if you imagine she's played by Jammie Presley from My Name is Earl and she's in her Joy Hickey persona, redneck accent and all. Because everything about Starbuck is pure, 100% Poor White Trash. "Hey Lee! Whatchu doin' over dere fuckin' that colored bitch? I'm gonna put my cheetah-skinned pumps up her ass so fast her grandkids are gonna feel it. Oh, Sweet Jesus I'm fuckin' drunk! Hey I think another kid just popped out!". Because that's the only way I can watch that stupid Lee/Kara/Anders/Dee/Leoben love saga and take it somewhat seriously.

And with Baltar? Apparently skinny little metro-sexual nerds who cry and piss their pants all the time are irresistible to all women. Who knew.

Sawyer/Kate: I hated Wolverine/Jean Grey the first time around. Not really digging the redo.

Tara/Willow: 1) Because Willow is straight, and no amount of retconning by Whedon will convince me other wise and

2)Because how the hell do you make two chicks making out boring.
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