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Re: New Composer and Theme for Series Five?

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But, Cutter John, Doctor Who is a series that is defined by change. The actors change. The writers change. The look and feel of the series change. Justin Richards went as far as to say of Doctor Who that "neither the Doctor nor the TARDIS are strictly speaking necessary."
1. Doctor Who has been historically defined by change, but this does not mean that radical change will be successful today.

2. Even if major change is helpful, that doesn't mean that several major changes all at once won't be too much for the audience.

After all, nuWho has been fairly stable since David Tennant assumed the role; there is the possibility that too much major change might hurt the series today and lead to its cancellation.

I'm not saying it's likely -- I'm just saying, bear in mind that what worked 20 years ago is not guaranteed to work today.
Yes but even NuWho has been defined by change.

Season 1- Eccleston becomes Tennant
Season 2- Rose is the companion, then she leaves
Season 3- Martha is the companion then she leaves
Season 4- Donna etc etc etc...

I think even the average 8 year old likely understands that the show is about change. Could we have too many changes at once...possibly, but I think the Moffat/Smith era would have to be exceedingly bad to see the show cancelled.
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