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Re: Your least favorite TV romances & why?

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Clark Kent/Lana Lang, Smallville
Lana Lang is probably the worst character in TV history. I have no idea what a decent farmboy like Clark sees in this bitchy drama queen, particularly when the much cuter Chloe Sullivan is practically throwing herself at him.
Works for me. If I was Clark, I would have picked Chole in a heartbeat.

Hell, I'm not Clark, and I'd still pick Chole in a heartbeat.

I hated Clark/Lana because that is not the way I picture this relationship working, the writers really screwed it up bad. Chloe was aweful Season 1-3 1/2...I think Chloe Starting Season 5 would have been good for Clark.

Buffy/Angel I hated Angel from the begining, this relationship was doomed from the start and it was like watching paint dry. I always thought Buffy/Spike had more energy.

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